What roast is your coffee?
Generally speaking our coffees may be considered a 'medium' or 'medium-light' roast. But here's the need to know... we source really high quality coffees and treat each blend as unique. Rather than roast to a specific light-dark scale, we roast each blend just enough to bring out the best qualities in each particular bean.

How fresh is your coffee? 
Fresh coffee at your doorstep is our priority. We roast fresh every single week!

Is your coffee Direct trade?
Yes.  We are serious about having close relationships with our coffee producing partners and pay them excellent rates for their premium work. 

Is your coffee organic? 

Though our coffee may not be labeled USDA Certified Organic, it still meets or goes beyond the standard to be certified as "Organic." Let us explain: The organic certification process is very expensive for a small farm, so many do not (or are unable to) undergo USDA certification even if their practices check all the marks in the certification process. In fact, many of these farmers, including ours, go far beyond the minimum requirements. Pesticides are rarely if ever used by our producer partners, not just for the health of the drinker, but for the livelihood of the their beans and the integrity of their soil for future generations.

Do you ship ground coffee?
We don’t ship pre-ground coffee. (It’s better this way, we promise!) All of the coffee we offer is whole bean coffee. One of the most important variables in producing a great cup of coffee is getting the grind right, which is best to do right before brewing. The minute you grind your coffee, it starts to oxidize which accelerates the aging process. We think freshly ground coffee will give you the best possible coffee experience and make your freshly roasted coffee keep better. 
* We'd be happy to help you pick out the right grinder though. Just shoot us a note hello@sundreamcoffee.com with any questions.  

How do I store my coffee?

Store your coffee in a cool, dark place. The best way to store coffee is to store it whole bean (not ground) in an airtight container (like our rice paper bags) in a cool, dark place. We suggest that you avoid storing coffee in a fridge or freezer to prevent introducing any moisture to the beans (this may result in potential mold growth and degradation of the coffee).

Similarly, coffee easily absorbs the flavor of things around it. Take care in choosing a container to store it in (might want to rethink reusing pickle jar), and be mindful that storing near odorous foods, spices etc, may change the flavor of the coffee.

How long will my coffee stay fresh? 

Although we think our coffee taste best soon after roasting, our bags are airtight which will keep your coffee fresh on the shelf for few months after the roast date. Once your bag is opened, we recommend using within 3 weeks. 


How do Gift Subscriptions work?
You can purchase a pre-paid coffee subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months. This is the perfect gift your coffee-loving friends and their coffee will be delivered to their door once a month for the amount of time you choose. Check it out here. Or manage your subscription by logging in

How do I modify my subscription order? 
To modify/edit your subscription orders simply login to your Manage Subscriptions page. From here you can skip shipments, change your order quantity and view all upcoming deliveries.


When will my order arrive?

We roast fresh every Tuesday and try to process orders within 48 hours for. We ship Monday-Friday with exceptions for most national holidays. When you place an order online, you will receive a notification when your order has ben shipped along with a tracking number to know when to expect it. 


Please see our Return policy for more information on returns/exchanges.