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TASTING NOTES: Sweet Citrus | Honey | Cacao Nib

ABOUT THIS COFFEE: From our casa to yours, this is the blend that started it all. A cup of CASA is sweet and bright, combining balanced notes of zesty citrus with honeyed cacao. As Sundream's flagship blend - this is the founders' favorite, and their favorite way to drink it is over ice on a hot day. 

Our signature DreamBlend™ process roasts beans to their maximum potential - not too little & never too much - bringing out the best qualities and flavors each coffee has to offer.

Ethiopia //  Zone: Sidama , Altitude: 1950 M , Varietals: Heirloom , Process: Organic Natural, Grade: 1

Colombia // Zone: La Florida, Nariño, Altitude: 1700-2300 M, Varietal: Caturra, Castillo, Tabi,  Process: Washed, Grade: Excelso

OUR FAVORITE WAY TO BREW: Chemex or V60 Pour Over at an 18:1 water to coffee ratio. These methods results in a super clean cup and really allow the bright citrus notes to shine. If you are fortunate enough to have espresso brewing equipment, this also makes a mean espresso that is sure to keep your taste buds on their toes. 

Our whole bean coffee is roasted and shipped fresh. Bring home the sunshine ☀️